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Airin Sultana Bangladeshi Model Actress Latest Exclusive hot Photos & Latest News

Airin Sultana Bangladeshi Model Actress Latest Exclusive hot Photos & Latest News

Bangladeshi model Airin Sultana is very famous actress.She is very cute model in bd.Airin Sultana is one of the most top model and actress in Bangladesh.She is born on September 4, 1988 in Jessore, Bangladesh. She is relatively new face in media world.Airin is one of the gorgeous, sexy and slim models in Bangladesh. She is about 5’6” (168cm) tall and she is best known for her amazing smile.

Airin is one of the most experienced models in Bangladesh. She worked on more then 300 fashion shows and she is one of the most familiar faces in magazines, fusion houses, newspaper, jewelry houses, billboards, TV commercials and TV serials. She had done several TV commercials. These are Aktel “we are all king”, IDLC Bank, Kwality ice cream, Ahkter Furniture, Parn Love Candy and more. She also worked on some TV serials like posh “Faguner Fala" directed by Afsana mimi and "Manpower" directed by Ashotosh Sujon.Airin is also one of the familiar faces in film industry. She worked on a film named “Priotoma ami dari Tumi koma”.Airin belongs to a friendly personality. She loves to spend her time with her friends. She loves to do watching TV, traveling, listening music, go to shopping and swimming in her past time. She is an MBA, major in Accounting AUST University Bangladesh in the year of 2012.Airin Sultana is model and actress.She have worked already 130 fashion shows and also have work in newspapers, magazine, mega serials and jewelry house.

Name: Airin Sultana
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: September 4, 1988.
Height: 5’ 6” (168cm)
Weight: 47kg
Home toun: Jessore Bangladesh
Education: MBA, Major in accounting.
Affiliation: Model and TV Actress
Height             : 5'6''
Eye Color          : Brown
Skin               : Fair
Hair Color         : Brown
Religious Views    : Muslim
Preferred Color    : Red, Black, pink & bottlegreen
Preferred Car      : Sports car
Preferred Movie   : a lots of...how can i explain!!!
Preferred Song/Singer  : a lots of...how can i explain!!!
Preferred School Subject  : Bangla 1st paper
Preferred Hobby          : watching TV, traveling
Preferred Vacation Destination       : Cox bazar & Saintmartin
Preferred Restaurant   : no favorite
Preferred Food       : Chichken, fish and vegetables
Preferred Animal                     : Dog
Preferred Person In Your Life        : Mother
Preferred Celebrity                  : Shahrukh khan & kajol

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